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SPARQλ: A functional perspective on Linked Data Services

Christian Vogelgesang; Torsten Spieldenner; René Schubotz
In: Semantic Technology. Joint International Semantic Technology Conference (JIST-2018), November 26-28, Awaji City, Hyogo, Japan, Springer Nature, 2018.


With more and more applications providing semantic data to improve interoperability, the amount of available RDF datasets is constantly increasing. The SPARQL query language is a W3C recommendation to provide query capabilities on such RDF datasets. Data integration from different RDF sources is up to now mostly task of RDF consuming clients. However, from a functional perspective, data integration boils AQ1 down to a function application that consumes input data as parameters, and based on these, produces a new set of data as output. Following this notion, we introduce SPARQλ, an extension to the SPARQL 1.1 query language. SPARQλ enables dynamic injection of RDF datasets during evaluation of the query, and by this lifts SPARQL to a tool to write templates for RDF producing functions, an important step to reduce the effort to write SPARQL queries that work on data from various sources. SPARQλ is moreover suitable to directly translate to an RDF described Web service interface, which allows to lift integration of data and reprovisioning of integrated results from clients to cloud environments, and by this solving the bottleneck of RDF data integration on client side.