HedgewarsSGC: A Competitive Shared Game Control Setting

Pascal Lessel; Maximilian Altmeyer; Matthias Hennemann; Antonio Krüger

In: Extended Abstracts of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI-2019), May 4-9, Glasgow, United Kingdom, Pages LBW1620:1-LBW1620:6, CHI EA '19, ISBN 978-1-4503-5971-9, ACM, 2019.


Sharing game control (SGC) is a multiplayer context that is considered within games user research. With the popular Twitch Plays Pokémon, settings of this type have also received broad media attention. In this paper, we introduce and describe HedgewarsSGC, our modifications to the open-source game Hedgewars to investigate different player roles in this shared game control context: besides considering competing groups who share control over their units via input aggregators, it also provides options for spectators that do not want to give up individual control. Thus, HedgewarsSGC is an approach to investigate SGC in such a scenario and additionally, allows further reasoning about input aggregation.

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