Extensions of Generic DOL for Generic Ontology Design Patterns

Mihai Codescu; Bernd Krieg-Brückner; Till Mossakowski

In: Adrien Barton; Sejla Seppälä; Daniele Porello (Hrsg.). JOWO 2019. Joint Ontology Workshops (JOWO-2019), 4th International Workshop on Ontology Modularity, Contextuality, and Evolution, located at The Joint Ontology Workshops, September 23-25, Graz, Austria, Proceedings of the Joint Ontology Workshops (JOWO), Vol. Episode V: The Styrian Autumn of Ontology, No. 2019, CEUR Workshop Proceedings,, 9/2019.


Generic ontologies were introduced as an extension (Generic DOL) of the Distributed Ontology, Modeling and Specification Language, DOL, with the aim to provide a language for Generic Ontology Design Patterns. In this paper we present a number of new language constructs that increase the expressivity and the generality of Generic DOL, among them sequential and optional parameters, list parameters with recursion, and local sub-patterns. These are illustrated with non-trivial patterns: generic value sets and (nested) qualitatively graded relations, demonstrated as definitional building blocks in an application domain.

ExtensionsGDOL_JOWO2019.pdf (pdf, 164 KB )

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