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Using Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to Enable Context-Dependent Recommendations in the Smart City and Smart Factory

Christoph Igel; Carsten Ullrich; Milos Kravcik
In: Jörg Förster; Andreas Hebbel-Seeger; Thomas Horky; Hans-Jürgen Schulke (Hrsg.). Athens Journal of Sports (ajspo), Vol. 5 Special Issue on Sports, Economy and Media: Sports 4.0 - The Virtual Reality of Sports, No. 4, Pages 253-262, Athens Institute for Education & Research, Athens, 12/2018.


Artificial Intelligence and the ongoing digitization of the physical world through the Internet of Things are two trends that will significantly shape the world of learning and training of tomorrow. In this article, we present background information on Artificial Intelligence, with a focus on education, and the Internet of Things, and present two examples from different domains that illustrate how information collected through sensors is used to understand the context of the user (or learner), and, on that basis, to provide context-dependent recommendations and support. The first example covers exercise culture, youth culture and digitization in the Smart City, while the second example is applicable in the domain of Smart Factories.


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