Agent-based Web Supported Simulation of Human-robot Collaboration

André Antakli; Torsten Spieldenner; Dmitri Rubinstein; Daniel Spieldenner; Erik Herrmann; Janis Sprenger; Ingo Zinnikus

In: Alessandro Bozzon; Francisco Dominguez Mayo; Joaquim Filipe (Hrsg.). WEBIST 2019. International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST-2019), Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, September 18-20, Vienna, Austria, Pages 88-99, Vol. 1, ISBN 978-989-758-386-5, SCITEPRESS, 2019.


In the production industry, in recent years more and more hybrid teams of workers and robots are being used to improve flexible processes. The production environment of the future will include hybrid teams in which workers cooperate more tightly together with robots and virtual agents. The virtual validation of such teams will require simulation environments in which various safety and productivity issues can be evaluated. In this paper, we present a framework for 3D simulation of hybrid teams in production scenarios based on an agent framework that can be used to evaluate critical properties of the planned production environment and the dynamic assignment of tasks to team members. The framework is embedded in a web-based distributed infrastructure that models and provides the involved components (digital human models, robots, visualization environment) as resources. We illustrate the approach with a use case in which a human-robot team works together in an aircraft manufacturing scenario.


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