Verification for Field-coupled Nanocomputing Circuits

Marcel Walter; Robert Wille; Frank Sill Torres; Daniel Große; Rolf Drechsler

In: 57th Design Automation Conference (DAC). Design Automation Conference (DAC-2020), July 19-23, San Francisco, USA, 2020.


With the decline of Moore’s Law,several post-CMOS technologies are currently under heavy consideration. Promising candidates can be found in the class of Field-coupled Nanocomputing(FCN) devices as they allow for highest processing performance with tremendously low energy dissipation. With upcoming design automation in this domain,the need for formal verification approaches arises. Unfortunately, FCN circuits come with certain domain-specific properties thatrender conventional methods for the verification non-applicable.In this paper, we investigate this issue and propose a verificationapproach for FCN circuits that addresses this problem. For the first time, this provides researchers and engineers with anautomatic method that allows them to check whether an obtainedFCN circuit design indeed implements the given/desired function.A prototype implementation demonstrates the applicability of the proposed approach.

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