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Language Technology for Multilingual Europe: An Analysis of a Large-Scale Survey regarding Challenges, Demands, Gaps and Needs

Georg Rehm; Stefanie Hegele
In: Nicoletta Calzolari; Khalid Choukri; Christopher Cieri; Thierry Declerck; Sara Goggi; Koiti Hasida; Hitoshi Isahara; Bente Maegaard; Joseph Mariani; Hélène Mazo; Asuncion Moreno; Jan Odijk; Stelios Piperidis; Takenobu Tokunaga (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 11th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC 2018). International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-2018), Miyazaki, Japan, Pages 3282-3289, European Language Resources Association (ELRA), 5/2018.


We present the analysis of a large-scale survey titled “Language Technology for Multilingual Europe”, conducted between May and June 2017. A total of 634 participants in 52 countries responded to the survey. Its main purpose was to collect input, feedback and ideas from the European Language Technology research and innovation community in order to assess the most prominent research areas, projects and applications, but, more importantly to identify the biggest challenges, obstacles and gaps Europe is currently facing with regard to its multilingual setup and technological solutions. Participants were encouraged to share concrete suggestions and recommendations on how present challenges can be turned into opportunities in the context of a potential long-term, large-scale, Europe-wide research, development and innovation funding programme, currently titled Human Language Project.


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