The Automatic Generation of Formal Annotations in a Multimedia Indexing and Searching Environment

Thierry Declerck; P. Wittenburg; H. Cunningham

In: Proceedings of the ACL/ EACL Workshop on Human Language Technology and Knowledge Management, July 6-7. ACL/EACL Workshop on Human Language Technology and Knowledge Management, 2001.


We describe in this paper the MUMIS Project (Multimedia Indexing and Searching Environment), which is concerned with the development and integration of base technologies, demonstrated within a laboratory prototype, to support automated multimedia indexing and to facilitate search and retrieval from multimedia databases. We stress the role linguistically motivated annotations, coupled with domain-specific information, can play within this environment. The project will demonstrate that innovative technology components can operate on multilingual, multisource, and multimedia information and create a meaningful and queryable database.

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