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Interactivity and Transparency in Medical Risk Assessment with Supersparse Linear Integer Models

Hans-Jürgen Profitlich; Daniel Sonntag
BMBF, DFKI Research Reports (RR), Vol. abs/1911.12119, ArXiv, 2019.


Scoring systems are linear classification models that only require users to add or subtract a few small numbers in order to make a prediction. They are used for example by clinicians to assess the risk of medical conditions. This work focuses on our approach to implement an intuitive user interface to allow a clinician to generate such scoring systems interactively, based on the RiskSLIM machine learning library. We describe the technical architecture which allows a medical professional who is not specialised in developing and applying machine learning algorithms to create competitive transparent supersparse linear integer models in an interactive way. We demonstrate our prototype machine learning system in the nephrology domain, where doctors can interactively sub-select datasets to compute models, explore scoring tables that correspond to the learned models, and check the quality of the transparent solutions from a medical perspective.


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