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Semantic E-Ink: Knowledge-Based Assistance for Making Mental Models Explicit

Andreas Dengel; Marcus Liwicki
In: International Journal on Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (IJPRAI), Vol. 26, No. 5, Pages 1263004-1263004, World Scientific, 2012.


In this paper we describe a system which assists knowledge workers in making notes of their thoughts and transferring them to the computer. Our system processes handwritten notes written down with a digital pen. These notes are processed in order to recognize and understand their meaning. To realize such systems, two novel processing stages are proposed for the first time in literature. The first stage is the inclusion of knowledge bases into the Handwriting Recognition (HWR) process, where we make use of a person's mental model. The second stage is the transition from pure HWR to understanding of the handwritten notes, i.e. the system extracts knowledge in form of ontologies. For both novel approaches we performed a set of experiments on various data. With the proposed techniques, the recognition rate of the HWR system as well as the performance of the information extraction system are significantly increased.

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