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Digital Co-Creation and Augmented Learning

Andreas Dengel
In: Proceedings KMO 2016. International Knowledge Management in Organizations Conference, located at Proceedings of the The 11th International Knowledge Management in Organizations Conference on The Changing Face of Knowledge Management Impacting Society, Hagen, Germany, ISBN 9781450340649, Association for Computing Machinery, 7/2016.


The momentum of the modern world increasingly requires a rapid and situational learning of new skills. Due to the growing information intensity, the trend towards shorter innovation cycles and the reduction of knowledge half-live time degrades the importance of factual knowledge. In order to enhance performance and productivity, computers are increasingly taking over the role of a learning partner supporting our individual handling of diverse information sources and exploring synergies between large communities. In such an evolutionary cyber-social environment, new potentials for co-creative systems are emerging, assisting users in understanding, learning, decision-making, and memorizing. This paper is a summary of my keynote I gave at KMO 2016. It discusses the various factors and presents examples of current research and development that will affect our way of learning in the near future. It is trying to give some answers to the following questions: What is expertise and what is the prerequisite for it? What factors influence the creation of competence today? How can technology be employed to act as associative memories for supporting knowledge work in cyber-social settings? How to support knowledge sharing? Can you measure and anticipate information needs? How to employ interactive learning aids for co-creation?

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