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Quantifying Benefits of a Personal Knowledge Assistant on Task Resumption

Christian Jilek; Paula Gauselmann; Jessica Chwalek; Tobias Tempel; Andreas Dengel
In: GfA Dortmund (Hrsg.). 67. GfA-Frühjahrskongress 2021: "Arbeit HumAIne gestalten". Fachtagung Gesellschaft für Arbeitswissenschaft e.V. (GfA-2021), March 3-5, Bochum, Germany, GfA Press, 2021.


Due to constant information overload in knowledge work we are working towards a self-(re-)organizing, especially forgetful, context-sensitive assistance system (cSpaces). Here, we present a study on task (context) switching in which participants were supported by an early version of our system. Participants were assigned to either a control group with no, a group with context-insensitive or a group with context-sensitive support by the assistance system. Activities were logged and analyzed regarding group-dependent differences in task resumption lags. Participants supported by our assistant took less time to resume a former activity after context switching than participants with no support. This result provides initial evidence that context-sensitive, intelligent systems like cSpaces are able to effectively support knowledge workers.