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Manufacturing Execution Systems driven Process Analytics: A Case Study from Individual Manufacturing

Lea Götz; Nijat Mehdiyev; Peter Fettke
In: CIRP 8th Conference on Assembly Technology and Systems. CIRP Conference on Assembly Technology and Systems (CIRP CATS-2021), Athens, Greece, Pages 284-289, Vol. 97, 2/2021.


The ability to trace and analyze the processes over various stages of the production value chain has become vital to generate the added value. In this context, a thorough integration of the business and manufacturing processes is an essential prerequisite to facilitate the data-driven decision making which is crucial for product personalization. Implementing process analytics techniques on the critical production process data delivered by Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) provides excessive opportunities to enhance the traceability and planning processes. To illuminate such an analytical approach, we examine in this article a use case from the individual manufacturing domain and discuss the details of the integration scenarios for MES data-driven analytics. The necessity of embedding the construction design data generated in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems to the proposed analytics process is particularly highlighted. The scientific and practical implications of the process analytics for different manufacturing analytics scenarios are discussed as well.

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