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Automatic Visual Attention Detection for Mobile Eye Tracking Using Pre-Trained Computer Vision Models and Human Gaze

Michael Barz; Daniel Sonntag
In: Sensors - Open Access Journal (Sensors), Vol. 21, No. 12, Page 21, MDPI, 2021.


Processing visual stimuli in a scene is essential for the human brain to make situation-aware decisions. These stimuli, which are prevalent subjects of diagnostic eye tracking studies, are commonly encoded as rectangular areas of interest (AOIs) per frame. Because it is a tedious manual annotation task, the automatic detection and annotation of visual attention to AOIs can accelerate and objectify eye tracking research, in particular for mobile eye tracking with egocentric video feeds. In this work, we implement two methods to automatically detect visual attention to AOIs using pre-trained deep learning models for image classification and object detection. Furthermore, we develop an evaluation framework based on the VISUS dataset and well-known performance metrics from the field of activity recognition. We systematically evaluate our methods within this framework, discuss potentials and limitations, and propose ways to improve the performance of future automatic visual attention detection methods.


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