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Implementing Diverse Robotic Interactive Systems Using VOnDA

Bernd Kiefer; Christian Willms
ROBOTDIAL 2020 - The 1st RobotDial Workshop on Dialogue Models for Human-Robot Interaction (Joint Workshop of RobotDial and LaCATODA), 1/2021.


This paper describes the implementation of different interactive robotic systems using the dialogue framework VOnDA, an interactive robotic arm, a guidance and a transport robot developed in the INTUITIV project, and the social robotic companion and tutor of the PAL system. The applications differ in terms of complexity in multiple dimensions, e.g., concerning dialogue structure, frequency of sensory input, architecture (embedded vs. cloud), etc. We highlight the different requirements, and aim to demonstrate the flexibility of the framework and its feasibility in multiple contexts and on different levels of control, from mere interaction modelling to being the central agent control component.


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