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Challenges and potentials of order-specific individual manufacturing: A case study from tool making

Lea Götz; Peter Fettke
In: 2021 IEEE 23rd Conference on Business Informatics (CBI). IEEE Conference on Business Informatics (CBI-2021), September 1-3, Bolzano/Virtual, Italy, Pages 47-56, ISBN 978-1-6654-2069-3, IEEE, 9/2021.


Meeting individual customer requirements is becoming a decisive factor in the competitiveness of a company. While in series and mass production the effort of product design and production planning scales with the number of manufactured parts, in individual production this effort arises for each order. Using data and knowledge from previous orders, decreases the efforts in individual production. To ensure that data and knowledge are available for future production planning, it is necessary to understand the order processing and information flow in individual manufacturing. Particularly in work preparation, knowledge-intensive processes lead to many decisions being made based on individual empirical knowledge, which leads to uncertainties in production planning. We therefore propose a reference model for process and data flows in order-specific individual manufacturing and identify challenges for routing preparation. Moreover, we show potentials of data-based decision support for process planning, which are tapped by applying process analytics methods to Manufacturing Execution System (MES) data.