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The Truck Buddy: Towards a Mood-Based Truck Driver Assistance System

Christoph Heinbach; Laura Gravemeier; Anke Dittmer; Enrico Kochon; Henning Gösling; Oliver Thomas
In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems. International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS-2021), December 12-15, Austin, Texas, USA, AIS Electronic Library (AISeL), 2021.


Road freight transportation presents a vital element of our economies while heavy-duty truck drivers (HTDs) make use of emerging technologies for operations. However, the work environment of HTDs is yet characterized by time pressure, social isolation, and safety concerns. Surprisingly, scientific knowledge about driver’s well-being and mood enhancement scarcely exists in the context of IS. This paper addresses the research gap by the exploration of a mood-based truck driver assistance system (MTDAS) – the “Truck Buddy”. We establish a design science research (DSR) project to explore the requirements and design objectives of an MTDAS based on data from a comprehensive literature review and expert interviews. Our results indicate that a context-sensitive MTDAS can assist HTDs well-being by five design objectives enabling system integration, communication, mood-detection, automated driver support, and the provision of driver feedback. This first iteration step constitutes a foundation for further evaluations and developments within a continuous DSR process.