An Integrated Architecture for Shallow and Deep Processing

Berthold Crysmann; Anette Frank; Bernd Kiefer; Hans-Ulrich Krieger; Stefan Müller; Günter Neumann; Jakub Piskorski; Ulrich Schäfer; Melanie Siegel; Hans Uszkoreit; Feiyu Xu

In: Proceedings of ACL-2002, Association for Computational Linguistics 40th Anniversary Meeting, July 7-12. Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), Philadelphia, USA, Pages 441-448, 2002.


We present an architecture for the integration of shallow and deep NLP components which is aimed at flexible combination of different language technologies for a range of practical current and future applications. In particular, we describe the integration of a high-level HPSG parsing system with different high-performance shallow components, ranging from named entity recognition to chunk parsing and shallow clause recognition. The NLP components enrich a representation of natural language text with layers of new XML meta-information using a single shared data structure, called the text chart. We describe details of the integration methods, and show how information extraction and language checking applications for realworld German text benefit from a deep grammatical analysis.


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