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Combining Machine Learning With Inductive Logic Learning To Detect Deviations From Daily Routines In Ambient Intelligent Environments

Benjamin Duppe; Michael Meiser; Alexander Anisimov; André Antakli; Muhammad Muaz; Ingo Zinnikus
In: WI-IAT21. IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI-2021), December 14-17, Melbourne, Australia, ACM Press, 2021.


The availability of sensor technology in home and building automa-tion offers new opportunities for AI applications. Machine learning(ML) methods can recognize device patterns and profiles based onsensor data and make energy-relevant predictions. At a higher level,the detected patterns can in turn be used to learn activity patterns.In this paper, we present a hybrid approach to augment ML-basedoutputs with inductive logic-based learning techniques. We presentevaluation results and illustrate an application to agent-supportedcritical situation detection in the assisted living domain.