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TSN Simulation: Time-Aware Shaper implemented in ns-3

Dennis Krummacker; Luca Wendling
In: 2020 Workshop on Next Generation Networks and Applications (NGNA 2020). Workshop on Next Generation Networks and Applications (NGNA-2020), Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, 2020.


Recreating real-world circumstances with virtualmeans is capable of providing high yields in several areas. Re-search, development or assisting active operation with introducingnew functionalities are very different in the way, how they utilize asimulation but can unfold its benefits in several, if not all, businesssectors. The more technical a branch is, the greater can be thevalue of simulation assistance. Specifically in industrial productionenvironments, a mimicking of the operative machine networksis highly valuable. On one hand since access to such workingenvironments for things like trials or risky development activitiesis not advisable. On the other hand, a digital twin or digital entityof any appearance can be used for operative functionalities suchas security measures. Hence, simulations are promising. Targetingour focus towards real-time communication applications, such asindustrial production plants, Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) isa communication technology of high interest. TSN is relativelynew, which is why executing hardware or simulation environmentsare not broadly available yet. For this reason, we decided to startan own implementation of a TSN traffic forwarding mechanism,based on a network simulation framework, which is most flexibleand can be adapted to a diverse variety of use-cases. As a result,we designed and implemented a queue discipline fitting into theabstraction model of ns-3.

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