Divite - Inter-Programming-Language Interaction Toolbox \& Abstraction of Information Processing Sequences

Dennis Krummacker

In: 2020 Workshop on Next Generation Networks and Applications (NGNA 2020). Workshop on Next Generation Networks and Applications (NGNA-2020), Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, 2020.


The intention of this research is to turn informationprocessing procedures, that is, a concrete execution, more flexibleand create a new plane of modularity, which is given even duringruntime. Part of this is also to join the advantages of severalprogramming languages in one algorithm execution by mitigatingthe technical limitations. To achieve this goal, this paper featuresan assemblage of results: A basic toolbox for Inter-Process Com-munication; A concept for abstraction and decomposition of dataprocessing aka algorithms; and an extended software developmenttoolset for facilitating this into concrete implementations. By that,instead of writing one big program for an algorithm, it is possibleto write a set of programs, which can be done using differentprogramming languages for each.

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