Easy, adaptable and high-quality Modelling with domain-specific Constraint Patterns

Sophia Saller; Jana Koehler

In: Twentieth International Workshop on Constraint Modelling and Reformulation. Workshop on Constraint Modelling and Reformulation (ModRef-2021), located at CP2021, October 25, ModRef, 2021.


Domain-specific constraint patterns are introduced, which form the counterpart to design patterns in software engineering for the constraint programming setting. These patterns describe the expert knowledge and best-practice solution to recurring problems and include example implementations. We aim to reach a stage where, for common problems, the modelling process consists of simply picking the applicable patterns from a library of patterns and combining them in a model. This vastly simplifies the modelling process and makes the models simple to adapt. By making the patterns domain-specific we can further include problem-specific modelling ideas, including specific global constraints and search strategies that are known for the problem, into the pattern description. This ensures that the model we obtain from patterns is not only correct but also of high quality. We introduce domain-specific constraint patterns on the example of job shop and flow shop, discuss their advantages and show how the occurrence of patterns can automatically be checked in an event log.

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