An asymmetric theory of peripheral sharing

Berthold Crysmann

In: Proceedings of FGVienna: The 8th conference on Formal Grammar. Conference on Formal Grammar (FG), 2003.


In this paper, I will address the phenomenon of Conjunction Reduction and suggest a linearisation-based account that di erentiates between heads and dependents as to the strength of the identity requirements they observe in constructions displaying peripheral sharing. This distinction will build the foundation of an asymmetric surface-oriented theory of reconstruction that will be able to avoid unwanted unification clashes on the valence lists of heads, obviating the need for subsumption checks and/or generalisation operations in HPSG. I will further show that this theory of Conjunction Reduction can also be applied to resolve similar issues associated with Coordination of Unlikes, resulting in a much more stream-lined, purely unification-based perspective on coordination in HPSG.

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