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Development and Validation of a German Version of the Player Experience Inventory (PXI)

Linda Graf; Maximilian Altmeyer; Katharina Emmerich; Marc Herrlich; Andrey Krekhov; Katta Spiel
In: Proceedings of the Mensch und Computer Conference. Mensch und Computer (MuC-2022), September 4-7, Darmstadt, Germany, ACM, 2022.


The Player Experience Inventory (PXI), initially developed by Abeele et al. (2020), measures player experiences among English-speaking players. However, empirically validated translations of the PXI are sparse, limiting the use of the scale among non-English speaking players. In this paper, we address this issue by providing a translated version of the scale in German, the most widely spoken first language in the European Union. After translating the original items, we conducted a confirmatory factor analysis (N=506) to validate the German version of the PXI. Our results confirmed a 10-factor model - which the original authors of the instrument suggested - and show that the German PXI has valid psychometric properties. While model fit, internal consistency and convergent validity were acceptable, there was room for improvement regarding discriminant validity. Based on our results, we advocate for the German PXI as a valid and reliable instrument for assessing player experiences in German-speaking samples.