Health and Habit: an Agent-based Approach

Veronika Kurchyna; Stephanie Rodermund; Jan Ole Berndt; Heike Spaderna; Ingo Timm

In: KI 2022: Advances in Artificial Intelligence. German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI), Springer, 2022.


Data-driven models with weak theoretical foundations for the examination of interventions and concepts to improve and maintain health lack explainability of results and suggestions. The use of agent-based models is a possible approach to remedy this issue. Modelling behaviour and the formation of habits using established theoretical psychological frameworks is a way of improving the utilisation of agent-based models when researching health-related questions. This paper proposes a concept implementing the Health Action Process Approach and the Social Cognitive Learning Theory to model the process of behaviour change within the Beliefs-Desires-Intentions Framework. The concept illustrates how an agent workflow can incorporate these psychological models and explain how social influence contributes to the formation of habits.

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