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Design and operation planning of sector-coupled energy systems using the flexibility of smart DSM

Christian Wiezorek; Stefan Werner; Christian Backe; Miguel Bande Firvida; Thomas Vögele; Peter Conradi; Kai Strunz
In: CIRED - Open Access Proceedings Journal. CIRED Workshops (CIRED-2020), CIRED 2020 Berlin Workshop (CIRED 2020), located at International Conference on Electricity Distribution (CIRED), September 22-23, Berlin, Germany, Pages 78-81, Vol. 2020, ISBN 978-1-83953-214-6, IET, 2020.


The energy transition, shifting the authors’ primary supply sources evermore from fossil to renewable, leads the energy supply system to face major challenges. In order to prevent the impending overload of the networks, the activation of decentralised flexibility is needed. This includes the integration of multi-energy infrastructures as well as smart demand-side management (DSM). The implementation of this paradigm requires new methods for planning and operation. In this study, a suitable modelling and optimisation framework for decentralised sector-coupled energy systems is presented. This framework is extended by a decentralised DSM concept, which is currently being tested for performance and reliability in the bi-national Future Smart Energy project. The tests are carried out in a Smart Grid laboratory and include the integration of hardware and software. This study outlines the DSM concept integration into the modelling framework and presents the first results of the concept's performance testing.


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