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Implementation and Evaluation of the RBIS Protocol in 5G

Michael Gundall; Julius Raphael Stegmann; Christopher Huber; Rüdiger Halfmann; Hans Dieter Schotten
In: 2022 IEEE Globecom Workshops. IEEE Global Communications Conference Workshops (Globeccom Wkshps-2022), located at IEEE GLOBECOM 2022, December 4-8, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, IEEE, 12/2022.


5G and 6G wireless communications allow for novel and disruptive applications. While 5G was strongly focused on improvements on QoS and QoS guarantees that are necessary for industrial deployments, 6G will have a disruptive impact on possible use cases. Here, nearly each use case requires time synchronization of the involved systems. While PTP in its variations, e.g. IEEE 1588 v2.1 or IEEE 802.1AS, has established as standard for wireline systems, time synchronization of wireless or hybrid systems is still subject to research. Thus, the so-called RBIS protocol, which was originally developed and investigated for Wi-Fi, is mapped to 5G. This is possible, because both systems are infrastructure based and a suitable broadcast that fits to the requirements of RBIS protocol can be found in the control layer of 5G NR. Even if the 1µs requirement that is required by some applications is not yet cracked, the accuracy of 1.3µs and precision of <4.3µs for non-invasive extension of existing 5G deployments is highly promising.