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Findings of the First WMT Shared Task on Sign Language Translation (WMT-SLT22)

Mathias Müller; Sarah Ebling; Eleftherios Avramidis; Alessia Battisti; Michèle Berger; Richard Bowden; Annelies Braffort; Necati Cihan Camgöz; Cristina España-Bonet; Roman Grundkiewicz; Zifan Jiang; Oscar Koller; Amit Moryossef; Regula Perrollaz; Sabine Reinhard; Annette Rios; Dimitar Shterionov; Sandra Sidler-Miserez; Katja Tissi; Davy Van Landuyt
In: Proceedings of the Seventh Conference on Machine Translation. Conference on Machine Translation (WMT-2022), December 8, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Pages 744-772, Association for Computational Linguistics, 12/2022.


This paper presents the results of the First WMT Shared Task on Sign Language Translation (WMT-SLT22). This shared task is concerned with automatic translation between signed and spoken languages. The task is novel in the sense that it requires processing visual information (such as video frames or human pose estimation) beyond the well-known paradigm of text-to-text machine translation (MT). The task featured two tracks, translating from Swiss German Sign Language (DSGS) to German and vice versa. Seven teams participated in this first edition of the task, all submitting to the DSGS-to-German track. Besides a system ranking and system papers describing state-of-the-art techniques, this shared task makes the following scientific contributions: novel corpora, reproducible baseline systems and new protocols and software for human evaluation. Finally, the task also resulted in the first publicly available set of system outputs and human evaluation scores for sign language translation.


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