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Impact and Limitations of AR-Based Guidance for Assembly Workers

Tobias Dreesbach; Jan Beinke; Arne Dethloff; Fabian van Dülmen; Oliver Thomas
In: Jeffrey Voas (Hrsg.). IEEE Computer, IEEE Computer Society, 2023.


Using augmented reality (AR) glasses for manual assembly processes facilitates individualized and situated training scenarios. To assess the extent to which AR can displace traditional assembly instructions, we conducted a field study in a German manufacturing company, where we replaced the usual face-to-face training of an assembly process with an AR-guiding. We documented the errors made by the workers and whether they were able to perform the process until the end without any additional assistance. We found that 25 percent of the workers could not complete the assembly process without additional assistance and identified the types of errors that prevent workers from independently performing AR-based assembly processes.


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