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Hitchhiker's Guide to Super-Resolution: Introduction and Recent Advances

Brian Moser; Federico Raue; Stanislav Frolov; Sebastian Palacio; Jörn Hees; Andreas Dengel
In: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI), Pages 1-21, IEEE, 2/2023.


With the advent of Deep Learning (DL), Super-Resolution (SR) has also become a thriving research area. However, despite promising results, the field still faces challenges that require further research, e.g., allowing flexible upsampling, more effective loss functions, and better evaluation metrics. We review the domain of SR in light of recent advances and examine state-of-the-art models such as diffusion (DDPM) and transformer-based SR models. We critically discuss contemporary strategies used in SR and identify promising yet unexplored research directions. We complement previous surveys by incorporating the latest developments in the field, such as uncertainty-driven losses, wavelet networks, neural architecture search, novel normalization methods, and the latest evaluation techniques. We also include several visualizations for the models and methods throughout each chapter to facilitate a global understanding of the trends in the field. This review ultimately aims at helping researchers to push the boundaries of DL applied to SR.