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MoVRI: The Museum of Virtual Reality Illusions

Martin Feick; André Zenner; Simon Seibert; Oscar Javier Ariza Nuñez; David Wagmann; Juliana Helena Keller; Anton Wittig; Antonio Krüger
Demonstration, DFKI Technical Memos (TM), 2023.


We demonstrate the Museum of Virtual Reality Illusions (MoVRI). In contrast to a physical museum, the MoVRI is not a real world building, but an interactive VR application. Moreover, the museum does not exhibit pieces of art, but famous ``pieces” of scientific VR research: a collection of VR illusion techniques. In the last decades, many different kinds of illusions have been presented in the VR research field; yet, how these illusions feel, mostly remains abstract for the reader. Therefore, we designed and implemented MoVRI, allowing visitors to experience various illusions displayed in exhibition rooms. Visitors can explore the museum by natural locomotion and enter the exhibition rooms they are most interested in. As a result, MoVRI empowers novices and VR experts to experience VR illusions at first hand, that would otherwise remain inaccessible.

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