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Transformation of Graphical Semiotic Models into a Graph-based Formal Representation

Thierry Declerck; Marija Ivanović
In: Catherine Brun; Christophe Roche (Hrsg.). Actes de la conférence TOTh 2021. Terminology & Ontology: Theories and applications (TOTh-2021), June 3-4, Chambéry, France, Pages 137-152, ISBN 978-2-37741-079-8, Presses Universitaires Savoie Mont Blanc, 73011 CHAMBÉRY CEDEX, 12/2022.


Graphical models are often proposed for the purpose of explanative visualisation in different theories of signs, meaning, concepts, or references. We describe work dealing with the transformation of such graphical models into a graph-based formal representation language. The final aim of this formal representation is to be able to mark elements of those different theories as being compatible, complementary, or disjunct.