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MITHOS-Mixed Reality Interactive Teacher Training System for Conflict Situations at School

Chirag Bhuvaneshwara
In: International Conference of Learning Sciences. International Conference of Learning Sciences (ICLS-2023), June 10-15, Montreal, QC, Canada, International Society of Learning Sciences, 2023.


The MITHOS system trains teachers’ conflict resolution skills through realistic situative learning opportunities. MITHOS supports teachers’ emotion self-awareness and perspective taking by providing a safe virtual environment to interact freely, experience emotions and natural social feedback by student-agent reactions in conflict. The presented demo is set up as a Wizard-of-Oz system. The Human-Wizard evaluates the teacher’s behavior, which is modeled semi-automatically and mapped onto a student response, based on psychodynamic models of affect. The teacher’s behavior is replayed by a virtual agent to increase self-awareness and perspective taking. The interaction is recorded to create a dataset for the fully automated multi-modal modeling.