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QUASIM: Quantum Computing Enhanced Service Ecosystem for Simulation in Manufacturing

Ankit Agrawal; Hannah Stein; Sascha Xu; Sabine Janzen; Wolfgang Maaß
In: The 42nd International Conference on Conceptual Modeling. International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER-2023), Lisbon, Portugal, Springer, 11/2023.


Machining is a key manufacturing technology, representing one of the most significant German economic sectors. To ensure required high-quality assurance and prevent manufacturing errors, process simulations based on digital twins can be applied. However, the current digitization and simulation models face limitations in terms of computational requirements and expert knowledge. As a consequence, important physical effects in industrial practice are either neglected or roughly approximated, resulting in compromised decision-making and economic disadvantages. Since quantum computing (QC) has shown promising benefits in solving numerous algorithmic problems and simulations, the QUASIM research project aims to use QC to improve simulations in manufacturing, reduce modeling efforts and error rates, and develop innovative solutions.