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Human-centric artificial intelligence architecture for industry 5.0 applications

Jo¸e M Ro¸anec; Inna Novalija; Patrik Zajec; Klemen Kenda; Hooman Tavakoli Ghinani; Sungho Suh; Entso Veliou; Dimitrios Papamartzivanos; Thanassis Giannetsos; Sofia Anna Menesidou; Ruben Alonso; Nino Cauli; Antonello Meloni; Diego Reforgiato Recupero; Dimosthenis Kyriazis; Georgios Sofianidis; Spyros Theodoropoulos; Bla¸ Fortuna; Dunja Mladenić; John Soldatos
In: International Journal of Production Research (IJPR), Vol. 61, No. 20, Pages 6847-6872, Taylor & Francis, 10/2023.


Human-centricity is the core value behind the evolution of manufacturing towards Industry 5.0. Nevertheless, there is a lack of architecture that considers safety, trustworthiness, and human-centricity at its core. Therefore, we propose an architecture that integrates Artificial Intelligence (Active Learning, Forecasting, Explainable Artificial Intelligence), simulated reality, decision-making, and users' feedback, focussing on synergies between humans and machines. Furthermore, we align the proposed architecture with the Big Data Value Association Reference Architecture Model. Finally, we validate it on three use cases from real-world case studies.


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