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ASET: Ad-hoc Structured Exploration of Text Collections [Extended Abstract]

Benjamin Hättasch; Jan-Micha Bodensohn; Carsten Binnig
In: Computing Research Repository eprint Journal (CoRR), Vol. abs/2203.04663, Pages 0-10, arXiv, 2022.


In this paper, we propose a new system called ASET that allows users to perform structured explorations of text collections in an ad-hoc manner. The main idea of ASET is to use a new two-phase approach that first extracts a superset of information nuggets from the texts using existing extractors such as named entity recognizers and then matches the extractions to a structured table definition as requested by the user based on embeddings. In our evaluation, we show that ASET is thus able to extract structured data from real-world text collections in high quality without the need to design extraction pipelines upfront.

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