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Charting the Course: A Business Model Taxonomy for LMS

Sarah Rübel; Alexander Berrang; Cai Hussung; Tobias Mahl; Peter Fettke
In: Eduardo Acosta Llano; Iain Bitran; Leandro Bitetti; Steffen Conn; Alex Mitsis; Paavo Ritala; Marko Torkkeli; Jialei Yang (Hrsg.). International Society for Professional Innovation Management Conference Proceedings. ISPIM Connects (ISPIM-2023), December 11-13, Salzburg, Austria, ISPIM, 12/2023.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of online educational technology, Learning Management Systems (LMS) play a pivotal role in shaping modern learning paradigms. This paper introduces a taxonomy aimed at facilitating the nuanced configuration of business models tailored for LMS providers. Through a multi-step empirical approach, this taxonomy captures the intricate interplay of dimensions inherent to LMS ecosystems. Leveraging empirical insights and industry expertise, the taxonomy presents an innovative guideline that systematically delineates critical aspects such as value proposition differentiation, revenue generation mechanisms, user engagement strategies, and ecosystem collaboration. The taxonomy's development focuses on the rigorous empirical analysis, ensuring its relevance and applicability in real-world contexts. By offering LMS providers a structured roadmap for crafting and adapting their business models, this research contributes to the advancement of educational technology entrepreneurship and aligns strategic pursuits with evolving educational needs.