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Unveiling the Role of Expert Guidance: A Comparative Analysis of User-centered Imitation Learning and Traditional Reinforcement Learning

Amr Gomaa; Bilal Mahdy
In: Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Human-in-the-Loop Applied Machine Learning (HITLAML 2023). International Workshop on Human-in-the-Loop Applied Machine Learning (HITLAML-2023), Luxembourg, CEUR Workshop Proceedings (, 9/2023.


Integration of human feedback plays a key role in improving the learning capabilities of intelligent systems. This comparative study delves into the performance, robustness, and limitations of imitation learning compared to traditional reinforcement learning methods within these systems. Recognizing the value of human-in-the-loop feedback, we investigate the influence of expert guidance and suboptimal demonstrations on the learning process. Through extensive experimentation and evaluations conducted in a pre-existing simulation environment using the Unity platform, we meticulously analyze the effectiveness and limitations of these learning approaches. The insights gained from this study contribute to the advancement of human-centered artificial intelligence by highlighting the benefits and challenges associated with the incorporation of human feedback into the learning process. Ultimately, this research promotes the development of models that can effectively address complex real-world problems.


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