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Age of Information and Value of Information Aware Optimal Packet Transmission for an AGV System

Shreya Tayade; Hans D. Schotten (Hrsg.)
European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC-2024), Age of Information and Value of Information Aware Optimal Packet Transmission for an AGV System, June 3-6, Antwerp, Belgium, IEEE, 2024.


This paper proposes a control-aware approach to packet transmissions for an industrial control use case. The study focuses on an edge cloud-based Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) control system that operates over a correlated wireless fading channel. AGV follows a reference track, and the control packets are sent by an edge cloud controller periodically in the downlink. Transmitting the control packets frequently with high reliability ensures control system stability while also increasing resource usage. On the contrary, resource efficiency can be increased by transmitting control packets less frequently. However, this may lead to instability in the control system due to a higher Age of Information (AoI). Therefore, we have derived an optimal control packet transmission rate. The study aimed to determine the optimal transmit time that minimises control error and ensures stability, taking into account the Age of Information (AoI), Value of Information (VoI), control error, and channel conditions. The results indicate that the channel coherence time has a significant impact on both the optimal transmit time and the performance of the Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV). In order to reduce the frequency of transmission of control packets, it is possible to increase the error tolerance and decrease the Value of Information (VoI). Additionally, we assess the maximum allowable time for transmitting control packets to ensure that the AGV’s control error remains below a specified threshold.