A Survey of Software Infrastructures and Frameworks for Ubiquitous Computing

Christoph Endres; Andreas Butz; Asa MacWilliams

In: Mobile Information Systems, Vol. 1, No. 1, Pages 41-80, IOS Press, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1/2005.


In this survey, we discuss 29 software infrastructures and frameworks which support the construction of distributed interactive systems. They range from small projects with one implemented prototype to large scale research efforts, and they come from the fields of Augmented Reality (AR), Intelligent Environments, and Distributed Mobile Systems. In their own way, they can all be used to implement various aspects of the ubiquitous computing vision as described by Mark Weiser. This survey is meant as a starting point for new projects, in order to choose an existing infrastructure for reuse, or to get an overview before designing a new one. It tries to provide a systematic, relatively broad (and necessarily not very deep) overview, while pointing to relevant literature for in-depth study of the systems discussed. (pdf, 56 KB ) CEndres_09.pdf (pdf, 449 KB )

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