Deduction Systems in Artificial Intelligence

Karl-Hans Bläsius; Hans-Jürgen Bürckert (Hrsg.)

Ellis Horwood Series in Artificial Intelligence, Ellis Horwood, 1989.


This book is intended to give the reader an easily understandable yet comprehensive and up-to-date view of deduction systems. The book is divided in five chapters. The first chapter (written by J. Siekmann) gives a review of the history of automated deduction and points out several applications for deduction systems. Chapter 2 (written by N. Eisinger and H.J. Ohlbach) introduces the foundations of automated deduction systems. Chapter 3 deals with equality reasoning (with contributions by K.-H. Bläsius and H.J. Ohlbach, H.-J. Bürckert, N. Eisinger and A. Nonnengart). The fourth chapter (written by H.-J. Bürckert) presents some foundations of logic programming and the last chapter (written by D. Hutter) provides an introduction to automated theorem proving using complete induction.

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