Adaptable Mixed-Initiative Proof Planning for Educational Interaction

Andreas Meier; Erica Melis; Martin Pollet

In: Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. 103, No. C, Pages 105-120, Elsevier, 12/2004.


Today, most theorem proving systems are either used by their developers or by a (small) group of particularly trained and skilled users. In order to make theorem proving functionalities useful for a larger clientele we have to ask ``What does an envisioned group of users need?'' For educational purposes a theorem prover can be used in different scenarios and can serve students with different needs. Therefore, the user interface as well as the choice of functionalities of the underlying prover have to be adapted to the context and the learner. In this paper, we present proof planning as back-engine for interactive proof exercises as well as an interaction console, which is part of our graphical user interface. Based on the proof planning situation, the console offers suggestions for proof steps to the learner. These suggestions can dynamically be adapted, e.g., to the user and to pedagogical criteria using pedagogical knowledge on the creation and presentation of suggestions.


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