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Context-Aware, Proactive Delivery of Task-Specific Knowledge: The KnowMore Project

Andreas Abecker; Ansgar Bernardi; Knut Hinkelmann; Otto Kühn; Michael Sintek
In: Information Systems Frontiers (ISF), Vol. 2, No. 3/4, Pages 253-276, Kluwer, 2000.


From an IT point of view, a key objective of successful knowledge management is to provide relevant and necessary information at the right time to support humans in accomplishing their tasks. This paper presents a prototypical system which meets this objective in an enterprise environment. Based on context information associated with the enterprise's business processes, an integration of workflow engine and information assistant enables active presentation of relevant information to the user. We describe the functionality of the system and elaborate (i) on necessary extensions to the business process models, (ii) the ontologies used for information modeling, and (iii) the integration of workflow engine and active information assistant. The prototype system has been developed in the KnowMore project of the DFKI Knowledge Management Group.