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AgentSurvey: Assessing the state of the Art of Industrial Applications Using Agent Technology and AI

Mathias Bauer; Ludger van Elst; Klaus Fischer; Bernd Freisleben; Petra Funk; Gerd Große; Gabriele Paul; Susan Marie Thomas; Hartmut Vogler
In: Online Proceedings of the AI-2002 Workshop on Business Agents and the Semantic Web. Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI), 15th, Calgary, AB, Canada, 5/2002.


SAP initiated a survey project on agent technology in which the state of the art in the application of agents to industrial application domains is investigated. In this paper we describe our common effort and activities related to this project. The survey results consist of documents which describe relevant projects and products especially with respect to the technical details. These documents are grouped in a structure that reflects the currently existing business processes of industrial companies, i.e. there are categories for Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Personal Digital Assistants, Knowledge Management and other relevant fields. The results will be displayed on a public website and will be made accessible to everybody. Every company or research group is invited to add templates to the website describing their work. We see this activity as a starting point for a common information repository, aimed at practitioners in industry as well as researchers willing to transfer knowledge into practice. Thus, we invite people to contribute relevant facts and ideas to the project web site (

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