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Model-Based Information Systems for Knowledge Management

Ansgar Bernardi; Knut Hinkelmann; Michael Sintek
In: IT& Knows, Conference on Information Technology and Knowledge Systems. Conference on Information Technology and Knowledge Systems (IT& Knows), located at 15th IFIP World Computer Congress, August 31 - September 4, Vienna & Budapest, Pages 458-471, ISBN 3-85403-122-X, Austrian Computer Society (OCG), 1998.


An important goal of corporate knowledge management is to stimulate organizational learning by enabling the effective collection, dissemination, and utilization ofavailable knowledge in an organization. Knowledge management as a whole goes well beyond single technical solutions. We clarify the role of information systems in knowledge management and demonstrate a model-based approach for a corporate memory where a domain model guides the continuous evolution and the retrieval of information. The necessary contributions from various fields are illustrated by means of a concrete corporate memory for maintenance support in a German black coal mine: the particularities of the organizational structure, the experts involved, and the work environment together lead to the realization of an information system which supports the human workers in their maintenance task. The system described here was put into use in September 1997 and first success stories can be told.