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Towards Semantic Desktop Wikis

Malte Kiesel; Leo Sauermann
In: UPGRADE special issue on "The Semantic Web", Vol. VI, Pages 30-34, 2005.


To manage information on a personal computer, tools are needed that allow easy entering of new knowledge and that can relate ideas and concepts to existing information. Wikis allow entering information in a quick and easy way. They can be employed for both collaborative and personal information management. Semantic Web standards such as RDF(S) (Resource Description Framework) and OWL (Web Ontology Language) provide means to represent formalized knowledge. Using these standards to represent relations between individual desktop data sources, an integrated view of the user's information can be realized, known as the Semantic Desktop. In this paper, we propose combining information represented using Semantic Web standards with the simple information management known from wikis. The result is a Semantic Desktop Wiki, which can form a melting pot for ideas and personal information management.


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