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LingInfo: Design and Applications of a Model for the Integration of Linguistic Information in Ontologies

Paul Buitelaar; Thierry Declerck; Anette Frank; Stefania Racioppa; Malte Kiesel; Michael Sintek; Ralf Engel; Daniel Sonntag; Berenike Loos; Vanessa Micelli; Robert Porzel; Philipp Cimiano
In: Proc. of OntoLex06, a Workshop at LREC. International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC), 2006.


To allow for a direct connection of this linguistic information for terms with corresponding classes and properties in a domain ontology, we developed a lexicon model (LingInfo) that enables the definition of LingInfo instances (each of which represents a term) for each class or property. The LingInfo model is represented by use of a meta-class, which allows for the representation of LingInfo instances with each class, where each LingInfo instance represents the linguistic features of a term for a particular class. Applications of the LingInfo model are in information extraction, dialogue analysis, and knowledge acquisition from text, i.e. in knowledge base eneration and ontology learning.