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Integration of Document Representation, Processing and Management

Andreas Dengel; N. M. Mattos
DFKI, DFKI Research Reports (RR), Vol. 90-03, 3/1990.


This paper describes a way for document representation and proposes an approach towards an integrated document processing and management system. The approach has the intention to capture essentially freely structured documents, like those typically used in the office domain. The document analysis system ANASTASIL is capable to reveal the structure of complex paper documents, as well as logical objects within it, like receiver, footnote, date. Moreover, it facilitates the handling of the containing information. Analyzed documents are stored by the management system KRISYS that is connected to several different subsequent services. The described integrated system can be considered as an ideal extension of the human clerk, making his tasks in information processing easier. The symbolic representation of the analysis results allow an easy transformation in a given international standard, e.g., ODA/ODIF or SGML, and to interchange it via global network.