A Multi-level Modeling Framework for Designing and Implementing Cross-Organizational Business Processes

U. Greiner; S. Lippe; Timo Kahl; Jörg Ziemann; F.-W. Jäkel

In: Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Technologies for Collaborative Business Process Management. International Workshop on Technologies for Collaborative Business Process Management (TCoB-2006), located at 8th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS 2006), May 23-27, Paphos, Cyprus, ISBN 978-972-8865-57-3, INSTICC Press, 5/2006.


Increasing cooperation of organizations leads to the necessity of efficient modeling and implementation of cross-organizational business processes (CBPs). Various stakeholders that pursue different perspectives on processes are involved in the design of CBPs. Enterprise modeling supports a common understanding of business processes for different stakeholders across organizations and serves as basis to generate executable models. Models include knowledge of internal processes as well as demands for CBPs. The paper presents concepts and a first prototype of a modeling framework supporting process designers to get a common agreement on their processes across different companies on different levels of abstraction.

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