Suggesting Error Corrections of Path Expressions and Categories for Tree-Mapping Grammars

Stephan Busemann; Tim vor der Brück

In: Zeitschrift für Sprachwissenschaft, Vol. 26, No. 2, Pages 291-315, de Gruyter, 2007.


Tree mapping grammars are used in natural language generation (NLG) to map non-linguistic input onto a derivation tree from which the target text can be trivially read off as the terminal yield. Such grammars may consist of a large number of rules. Finding errors is quite tedious and sometimes very time-consuming. Often the generation fails because the relevant input subtree is not specified correctly. This work describes a method to detect and correct wrong assignments of input subtrees to grammar categories by cross-validating grammar rules with the given input structures. The method also detects and corrects the usage of a category in a grammar rule. The result is implemented in a grammar development workbench and accelerates the grammar writer's work considerably. The paper suggests the algorithms can be ported to other areas in which tree mapping is required.


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